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Scooter stolen

At approximately 5am this morning, our garage was broken into and my scooter was stolen. Nothing else was stolen. There was a hammer left behind laying on the table inside, that apparently seems to of been what broke the lock on the door. Filed a report with the police department, and took my remote and went around the neighborhood hitting the lock and unlock button trying to hear it chirp somewhere. The alarm was set, it was on the center kickstand and also the steering was locked. Whoever stole it severely damaged it, or had experience on how to bypass the lock. The good news is, there is a fairly decent chance of recovering it, because this is only one of two scooters I have seen in our city and surrounding areas. It stands out due to the color and side scrapes. The police have photos too of it. Wish me luck on recovering it. However, In the back of my mind, I do not see much hope. If it is indeed 'gone', I'm not going to be re-purchasing one. I just dont have that kind of money again right now. I have a year left until I can drive a car without my mom being responsible. (which is why she will not let me drive, too much 'risk' on her to be sued). Yet, Its fine for me to ride a scooter that is 100x more dangerous. But anyways. I did not have insurance due to it being stored currently for the winter months.

Sadly yours, Cody


Still alive

The weather is starting to get pretty cold here, so it looks like its about time to lock the scooter up for the winter. I have since my last update had the new parts ordered and installed, so the scoot is as good as new, except for the scratch on the side from the fall in the alley. It's been running great. A bit over 900 miles on it. Some advice I was given is to take your battery out and keep it in the house and get a trickle charger and keep it around to charge it up when the summer comes back around. Be safe! I'll be sure to post again in the coming months. In the meantime you can always contact me by email or by leaving a comment (im automatically emailed when comments on posts are put up)



Yeah, sorry I havent updated in a while. I get emails on every comment posted, and I have seen your questions, I just havent had time to update. There are a couple repeat questions that I answered in the comments section of another blog post. go look through the comments. So hows it been? Great. The scooter itself has been great, no mechanical or electrical problems, or leaks or light problems. But lots of human error has been done. First we crashed it, coming into our alley, the back tire hit a rock we didnt see and let loose and we went down hard on the left onto the gravel. Some scrapes and cuts all over but we're still alive. I'm having the scooter sanded and repainted. It was totaled body panel wise. Just the surface though, the actual panels are fine, no dents or dings. Just scratches and marks everywhere from it sliding on the rocks. Havent decided on a color yet for the repaint. The front cover burst off while riding at 40mph and flew onto the road and really scratched it up bad. It turns out the people that we had put it together only attached the whole front with TWO screws. And the pressure on those spots finally caught up and burst off. Good news is the actual front frame is okay, so another one can be attached without a problem. And for now we have it attached via a sturdy bungie cord system. (fancy way of saying we rigged it.) Its extremely secure. suprised. It still runs and performs flawlessly, just some visual glitches right now. Also the speedometer cable broke out from the socket it was in and ripped the wire with it, so It looks like we need to replace the front wiring piece in the front. Tried electrical tape but slid off. This was also due to human error, the shop didnt put the wire in the correct place before placing the front on and the first time I used to wheel lock and turned the wheel all the way to the left the pressure broke it in half. So I have no speedometer right now and the odometer is stuck at 143. It probably has about 250 on it right now. Parts are in the mail. So theres the update. I would reccomend this scooter to potential buyers due to its seemingly so far great manufacturing. Even the headlights still worked hi and lo beams, after reattaching it. Impressive for being thrown against the ground at 40mph. Wish me luck! Also, heres some pics of my plates, title (transfered from MSO), and Dot and Epa approval certificate. Also my permit with the M endorsement. (uploading pictures in a minute)


Received my MSO and Bill Of Sale

I received my MSO and Bill of Sale today from scootertown. Official as can be, and has all the required info that a MSO should have according to my research. :). Scans later today.

Also, a response from an ebay member who bought the same said:

"Yes I have mine and its all registered and licensed."


New photos taken!

I think they came out good....

Pictures taken with Kodak DX4530


Red neons...

I like it... What do you guys think, yes or no? (leave a comment). I'm looking into whats involved in doing it. Incase you dont notice, look above the rear wheel and to the right.

And here is a new picture I edited, I thought it came out neat :-) Might just integrate it into the site later somehow.. Also, Im going to be organizing a new area where I will have all the photos at and update the Photo link on the right. I recorded my first video today, just a walk-around of the scoot, Im currently deciding on how and what I want to record..

It Rained! Did I survive??!

The first day driving it alone to work in morning rush hour.. and guess what..... it rained of course! It did stop right before I left the house, however the roads were pretty wet still. Lots of Oil/Water puddles about. I increased my following distance, braked early, and went the speedlimit (hm.. wonder why they call it that*sarcasam*). It felt quite stable and I didnt seem to have any traction issues thankfully. Well, so far so good. I leave at 9:00 tonight (going to go wash/wax it hopefully). According to a weather report online, it is exposed to be storming ( yay! :-| ). But its exposed to "end early", so we'll see...

Update & Some 'Pointers'

I made my first 'out of the neighborhood' trip today. 16 miles for the round trip. Was nervous! I had my step dad and mom follow me in his silverado, because there was this hill I was concerned about if I would make it up. I have to go to work this way tomorrow and I was planning on taking the scooter for the first time. Going to work its downhill, from work its uphill. So they followed me. The roads consisted of 25 and 35 mph areas. The 25's were in the city parts and 35 on this pretty decent length straight to the next city area which then leads to the mall (work). This is the first time I really felt the potential of the engine. I was in the right lane behind a car going about 35mph, with a good amount of length between me and them. All of a sudden they slammed on their brakes and about 2 seconds -later- put their turn signal on for a turn they almost missed. People like that need to be eaten. But anyways, the front brake grabbed hard but I must say it felt very stable. Not even a hint of lock-up. I got back on the gas after they turned and with a burst of adrenaline, opened it up to about 80% of the throttle (still in break-in period). There was a car passing me at 35 in the left lane, and within what felt like 2 seconds I up and passed them at over 40ish. The power felt instantaneous, and smooth as can be. The engine just purred in its high-rpm growl. Was all just very... nice. On the way to 'the hill' was a couple red lights, one of which I was first in the right, and a red explorer rolled up next to me and asked how fast it goes, I said 70 almost in an embarrassed tone, and he went whoa! (I think he thought I said 170!) and then asked what kind it is I said SunL. Flashed me a peace sign and then the light turned green and I took off (I honestly cant say I was trying to). These things just have great off the line acceleration. Feel easily confident in beating a car from a start til at least 25mph. It just feels like one whole fluid motion. We got to the hill, went down it. Turned around and then got stuck at the light right before it, so I didn't have any help from my friend momentum. Turned green, and I started to accelerate (was behind a couple cars). The hill started to incline, no difference yet. Then it started to incline quite a bit and within a couple seconds was at the max. incline of it. I started to notice the cars in front of me getting away, so I gave it a little more throttle. And then.................... that was it!. I had plenty of power to spare going up and easily kept up with everyone. Don't know why I ever worried. On the way back on the lengthy straight I decided to stick in the left lane and follow this later model camaro, as he was passing everyone else at about 40, and I decided to get in his 'flow'. Before I knew it I looked down and my speedo was a click over 50! It took zero effort. But that pesky .. oh what's the word... -brain- :-p, part of me told me to slow down, not only for safety on my first long trip, and less than a week of riding a scooter!, but for the mere fact I'm still in the break-in period. So I slowed and got behind a car in the right. Later in the day I went and practiced my slow and high (well not that high) speed turning in a empty parking lot and around our neighborhood. It is not the same as riding a bicycle, this will probably be the hardest part when riding a scoot for the first time. Figuring out the correct percentage of body lean and steering movement you need to do. My tip to first timers, don't be afraid to lean your body. If you don't you will find you will be turning way to wide by merely using just the steering, and find yourself braking during the turn not to hit the curb! After a couple hours of just turn practicing (and I'm not saying those were bad hours! :-) ) I can now turn much more sharply and confidently. After a while how much to lean for a turn will just become natural to you. But in general, in slow speed turning you will turn your handle bars more and in a more moderate speed of turning you will need to use your body weight more-so than the handle bars. Now the only exception is when you are starting from a stop and taking a turn following your acceleration (like onto another street), due to the weight transfer coming from the accelerating engine/bike, you will need to put some lean into the turn so you don't overshoot it. I went to put gas in today after noticing I was riding on E(!) I Have been riding merely on just the little bit of gas I put in during assembly, so I stopped at the gas station and hit 93 and began filling. Before I started filling I put my key in the ignition and switched it to on (didn't start it of course) so I could watch the gas gage (the gas gage is electronic, when you put the key to on, it will shoot up and show the actual fuel level). The needle drops to E when the key is out. After hitting just above the 3$ mark on the machine I had a full tank! I thought it was off so I tilted the bike straight up off its kick stand and it barely moved lower. Impressive! It cost me all of 3 bucks and some change to fill the tank. Once again... 'nice'. As previously said, I am just having a blast with this scooter. And the comments I've been getting are nice too! So far today I've gotten "nice ride", "sweet bike", "I like you wheels dude" and my favorite "whaaaaaaaaoooooo!" from a screaming passer by! lol! No joke! Have fun guys. ttyl.

edit: Also, I wanted to point out , the seat is extremely comfortable! I cant tell its not leather (its called "poly-ureathane" I believe in the desc., and the cushioning is superb.


Some photos

Here are some photos I forgot I took during our test run out of the garage. As you can tell it wasnt completely together yet (front headlight piece, mirrors).

Just wanted to post an update, put some new pics up on the blog. Havent had time to get out and get some more recent pictures. But so far, im having a blast with it :). Scootertown called me (the other day) and apologized for not responding sooner to the emails. The MSO is in the mail, and the part I need has been ordered. Crossed the line with us over to Sunl parts department while I was on the phone. They signed a lease for a new -75,000- square foot plant in california for at least the next three years (signed in Oct. 04) so basically -there- at least until just before 2008.

"Majestic Realty Co. today announced that SunL Group, Inc., an exclusive distributor of gas- and electric-powered motor scooters, motorbikes and pocket motorcycles, has signed a three-year lease for a 75,000-sq. ft. property in the City of Industry at 15801 E. Valley Boulevard.

Dallas-based SunL has grown to become the largest scooter importer in the United States. With warehouses in Dallas; Houston; New York-New Jersey, and Los Angeles, the company imports and distributes a variety of motorized toys, including mini-bikes, ATVs and go-carts. The firm also has offices in Shanghai and Ningbo in China. For more information, visit www.sunl.com. "

And they didnt charge me for shipping, told me to 'forget' it. Also, asked how I felt about it and if I was happy other than that. Nice guy. Explained my riff about not having a manual but thats not entirely their fault(they could of put something together), sunl should have shipped one to begin with. But many sites online had them for the clones they sell. If only I had found them prior to just 'going at it' . opps. And is it just me, but I never noticed just how confined a car feels since riding this, heh. Hmm, think I just might get into 'bikes'. :)

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